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How to Love the Skin You’re In this Summer

Summer is on the horizon!

That’s code for, “You’re about to spend a lot more time in the sun.” If you’re anything like me, you cringe at the thought of a sunburn and you’re quick to slather on SPF. Whether you're a beach girl or a mountain girl, we all want to do the best we can to protect our skin from sun damage. Unfortunately, most conventional sunscreens are filled with thousands of toxins that are harmful for our bodies. The first step to loving your skin is knowing how to take care of it; here are a few misconceptions you're believing:

  1. “The higher the SPF, the longer the application lasts.”
    Most people believe that the higher SPF a sunscreen contains, the fewer amount of times they have to apply it. In reality, the higher-number SPF simply blocks a higher number of UVB rays and needs to be applied as directed.
    A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to purchasing sunscreen is to stick with anything that has an SPF of 30 or above. It’s also important to remember that no sunscreen can block 100% of UV rays. Unfortunately, these lies are the number one culprit for sunburns!

  2. “Because it’s meant to protect me, it must be good for me.”
    While it’s true that any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen, it’s still important to know what ingredients you are choosing to put on and in your body. Most sunscreens either use chemical barriers or mineral barriers to protect you from sun damage. Chemical sunscreens use ingredients like Oxybenzone, which is considered an endocrine disruptor. Mineral sunscreens use ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide; these ingredients actually create a physical barrier to protect your skin. Consider a mineral sunscreen next time you’re shopping for protection. Here are a few we recommend!

    Babyganics Spray - Spray for babies

    Babyganics Stick - Stick for babies

    Kiss My Face Lotion (Baby) - Lotion for babies

    Kiss My Face Lotion (Adult) - Lotion for kids/adults

    all GOOD Sunscreen Stick - Face stick for kids/adults

  3. “The sun is the enemy.”
    The sun’s ultraviolet rays produce Vitamin D which the body uses to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. While a lot people take supplements for their source of Vitamin D, what you receive from the sun’s UV B rays act as a pure source and should not be feared. According to Vitamin D Council, the amount of sun exposure you should be getting depends on “the time of year/time of day, where you live in the world, and the type of skin you have.” They also suggest allowing your bare skin to be exposed to the sunlight. As long as you are using sunscreen correctly and diligently, there is no need to be afraid of a little sun!

Now that we’ve covered a few stigmas around time spent in the sun, it’s time for you to get out there and enjoy your summer. To get you summer ready, we've listed some of our favorite socially conscious products that are perfect for summer!

Braid - Hair Serum ($20) Face Serum ($30)

Our hair and face serum work perfectly to revitalize your hair and skin through organic essential oils after long exposure in the sun! 10% of profits go towards homeless rehabilitation for children in Dallas through Hope Supply Co.

The Created Co. - Tumbler

These tumblers are great on the fly and allow you take your favorite bevarge with you anywhere you go to get sun! 10% of net profits build wells that bring clean water to communities in need through Charity: Water. [Photo by @celinakenyon]

High Point Supply Co. - Maisha Tote ($35)

This tote is perfect for carrying all of your pool/beach essentials and is made in Northern Kenya with locally sourced palm leaves! Available in Aqua or Black, jobs are provided for artisans in the fight to end to poverty and sex trafficking. [Photo by @enrou]

Gaia for Women - Cha Cha Purse ($128)

This purse is the ultimate statement for the summer tassel trend and is offered in many beautiful patterns! These goods are made using vintage, artisan-made, sustainable materials and empower refugee women in Dallas through employment, encouragement, and dedication to their long-term success.

Pachacuti - Panama Hat (Varies)

Shade your face and look good doing it with these hand-woven Panama hats! Pachacuti aims to keep Ecuadorian culture alive through Intangible Cultural Heritage by employing local artisans and paying them a fair wage while providing ongoing training and investment.

This Bar - Food (Varies)

This bar will give you fuel while you're out on your adventures! For every non-GMO, gluten free, ridiculously delicious bar sold, there is life-saving food given to a child in need.

People Tree - Bryony Stripe Dress ($149)

This playful summer dress is good for people and the planet! For over 25 years, People Tree has partnered with Fair Trade producers, garment workers, artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco fashion collections. [Photo by @annaktina]

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