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Rose Roller Perfume

$ 16.99
Our Rose Roller Perfume is a elegant combination of Rose & Geranium, free of any synthetics, fillers, or chemicals. Do you love the smell of roses, but find that most rose scented products smell like anything but real rose? Yep, its most likely because it is filled with synthetic (aka...

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Here at BRAID {Batch Remedies AID} we specialize in natural remedies for  beauty and wellness. Molly, BRAID's founder, began making these natural remedies in an effort to ensure only the highest quality ingredients were effectively and responsibly used to aid in various beauty and wellness needs for her own family. BRAID's product line promotes the healing properties found in nature so you never have to worry about harmful chemicals, preservatives or fillers. People are our passion and with each purchase, BRAID gives to life changing supplies, mentorship and aid for homeless children. Learn More...




Rose Collection {NEW}